Titanfall 2 Technical Test isn’t winning me over

Titanfall is one of my favourite games I’ve played this generation. I instantly knew it was a special game from the Xbox One beta, I bought the game AND the season pass – that’s how much faith I had in that game. Having my own hands on with the Titanfall 2 technical test, I’m actually having a difficult time deciding whether I should buy it or not.

Granted this is pre-release software and is subject to change. But I can’t imagine it changing enough for it to have that same magic behind the first game. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It feels slower and the maps feel more Battlefield like than the first game. In the first game, you had a lot of buildings you could use to wall run and traverse in a very interesting way but on the maps they revealed, I found there weren’t as much opportunities to do this. It’s much more grounded. Also, players feel more bullet spongey than the first game. In some cases, I could empty a magazine in my gun and they’d still be able to get away. The change in rodeo mechanics seem like a step back instead of progress to me. Titans already are deadly to pilots out in the open and at a distance. The ability to rodeo enemy titans for as long as you like made it balanced more. Because even if you get on their backs, titans can still use electric smokes or missiles to get rid of the pilot. In this version, I’ve not seen a way for a titan to counter a pilot jumping onto them.

They seem to have focused on addressing one of the criticisms of the first game – the single player campaign. I thought the campaign for the first game was fine. It gave me enough information about the backstory and the experience was the same as the multiplayer games except they had exposition before, during and after the missions. I just hope that the issues I’m having with this sequel is because of the single player campaign.