Battlefield 1 Open Beta

Battlefield 1’s open Beta allowed me to have some hands on time with the game and I got to admit, it was pretty fun.

The other Battlefield game I’ve played is Hardline and even then it was a “Beta”. Pretty much like this one. Battlefield 1 is more enjoyable than Battelfield Hardline and I think it’s the setting. I don’t really like playing as the bad guys so maybe that held me back a little. The guns do feel like they’re outdated which in a strange way was fun. I’m so used to “advanced” weaponary that this felt different and unique. From what I played the maps still feels very large and takes ages to go from one place to another making vehicles (or horses) an ideal way to travel. It is what it is and although there were server issues I managed to get a couple of rounds in.

I enjoyed it, more so than Titanfall 2 so if I was to get another first person shooter for this year, I will go with Battlefield instead of Titanfall 2 (unless some news make me change my mind).