Hammond Robotics Titan Digital Brochure

Alright, so we know that there will be a total of 6 titans available when Titanfall 2 launches. In the trailer they have released, titan classes will determine which ability AND weapons you will have access to. I guess this is an attempt to balance out titans. But to me, this isn’t progression, it makes the game feel more restrictive. In the first game, you can choose whatever loadout you wish and only the core ability was limited to the class of the titan. Also, the trailer makes it look good but I do have to wonder about how good these new abilities are. For example, the Northstar titan allows the player to fly a little bit. This will improve your vantage point but you also become one huge target in the air with more open sightlines to you! People shooting at you no longer have to worry about obstacles and people further away will also be able to shoot at you before you land. The Ronin titan can do this teleport dash thing which looks awesome and all, but in the trailer, he delivers a final blow. So… if their health wasn’t low enough this would be an evasive move only. Otherwise you’ll have to engage in combat and you’ll have to be very skilled if the other titan has more health than you. I’m about 70% sure I won’t be getting Titanfall 2, the developers seem to be going more CoD/Battlefield than it’s own original vision of the game. The first game had large indoor areas and lots of tall structure, in this one (from what I’ve played) everything is very flat with short corridors and random holes where you need to slide under. The magic of the first game is absent from this one. If I don’t hear otherwise before it’s released, I won’t be getting this one.