Team Ninja is hurting Dead or Alive

We are fighters. That’s the motto Dead or Alive 5 was launched with. Team Ninja wanted to break into the competitive scene and wanted people to take the series more seriously. They said they will tone down the “fan service” in favour for a great fighting experience. They’ve tried very hard and I applaud them for doing this. Out of support, I attended and competed in one offline tournament just to let people see the game and to explain any misunderstandings they have. I was really happy that they’re “helping” their hardcore fans getting the message out there, the message that this is a great fighting game and not a pervert simulator. As time went on I am questioning whether that is still their strategy with the DLC they’re coming out with. But they are constantly balancing the game so as far as they keep that up, I’m happy.

Then they release footage of a new shiny VR experience they are proud to show of:

At first, I was uncomfortable that the guy is literally standing inches away ogling at Kasumi’s butt and boobs. I knew the Dead or Alive Extreme series were for these audiences but what came next was just purely disgusting. “Players” can now use the touch remotes to sexually assault the DoA female cast. This is so weird and wrong. Kasumi does not like this, she moves away from the user. But there is no way to stop the user from doing this over and over again. Being the Kunoichi who DEFEATED” Raidou in the first game (and formerly leader of the Tenshin Mugen clan), I’m surprised she hasn’t just kicked the user in balls and punched him into the clouds. Seriously, Team Ninja, this is wrong. This was a design decision that was put into the game so someone thought it was a good idea to allow sexual assault in their game. I’m not going to call out for a ban, but they should raise the age rating to 18 because of this. You wouldn’t show a film with explicit sexual assault to kids so why would you let them play games which condones it? I’m seriously disappointed in Team Ninja. They said they wanted to start off with a clean slate with DoA5 and they revert back to this. You have no one else to blame for the “titty fighter” connotation to your title now. Well done and thanks for ruining it for us fans of the fighting game.

To those who will enjoy this VR feature of the game, you look like a twat – just like this idiot in this gif.



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