It’s in the blood… Creed

I’ve heard good things about Creed but it’s been so long since it came out my expectations dipped somewhat. It’s a good movie, it had a story about a young man trying to find his own identity and fighting his way out of his father’s shadow.

I was expecting the Hollywood summer blockbuster action movie with funny jokes – I was expecting Rocky 7. What I got was less action more story, more grounded boxing matches. In a way, I got Rocky 7. The first movie was about Rocky, a nobody from Philadelphia given a shot at the title, he had to deal with finding a trainer, pursuing the love of his life and basically just trying to turn his life around – it was also story heavy. It was only until the later movies that it focused more on the training montage and over the top boxing matches.

The tone of Creed is great. It’s serious, there are very heartfelt moments but it’s nicely punctuated by funny moments, oh, and it has some really good boxing scenes. I liked how they made it bounce between an actual sports broadcast and over the shoulder shots. It’s a beautifully made movie.

Michael B Jordan. He’s awesome. He was able to portray feeling anxious and tense in the ring with just his body language. For some reason, I expected him to be slightly more…. ripped? Don’t get me wrong, he is, but I was expecting a body like Sly in Rocky 4 but I guess it makes sense since he’s supposed to be young and is only beginning his boxing career.

The whole Rocky training Creed thing was beautiful. The difference between them and similarities were great and often comedic. Like when Rocky writes down a training menu Creed takes his iPhone out of his pocket and takes a pic of it and hands the notes back to Rocky. He’s like, don’t you want to keep this? What if your phone breaks? And Creed is like don’t worry, it’s on the cloud. The confusion on Rocky’s face was so funny – “clouds?”. Also the shot of Creed doing ropes whilst Rocky reads a newspaper next to him was so interesting… and funny.

The boxing bouts were very cool. The director used as little cuts as he could so we, the audience, also lived in that round and felt the danger and excitement of the action. I liked how it wasn’t too over the top and not too realistic that a single punch knocked out someone. It was just right.

The only gripe I have with the movie was the dialogue between Creed and his soon to be girlfriend. Or rather, the way she delivered them. This is specifically the first moment they go grab something to eat for the first time. I don’t know why, but I didn’t like the way the lines were delivered – it was almost like she was monotone. She isn’t like this in the rest of the movie so I don’t know why it’s just this scene that’s so jarring. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I would recommend this movie to everyone especially those who liked the earlier Rocky movies.