Short film – The Gate (2016)

I’ve finally seen Amy Johnston in a movie where she is the lead role – The Gate (2016). It was a short 11 minute movie but it had a short story with lots of action. I am a little disappointed that so much shaky cam was used because most of the time it was difficult to see what was happening. The dark lighting also made it difficult. This may be the director/editor tying the shooting style to the theme of the movie.

The story was simple, it looks like Amy is a Death God (in the Japanese, Death Note kind of way) and she steps in to prevent her sister’s soul from going to hell for suicide. By taking out the ones that will take her soul. The violence was gritty and graphic.

In terms of fight choreography, I find it odd. The choreography tried to imitate realism but at the same time, I couldn’t feel the crunch. It’s odd. I wasn’t convinced by it. Although, this might be due to the shaky cam style.

I would like to watch another movie where Amy is the lead, preferably something longer so I can see more of her acting range. It’s difficult to recommend this movie. It’s so short that you wouldn’t want to watch it for the story, the action is hampered by the shaky cam so I don’t know why I would recommend this to anyone. Except if you want to see a female convincingly play a fight scene or if you’re a fan of Amy.


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