Like Cage – the unstoppable beat

I liked Luke Cage, to me it’s not as enjoyable as the other Netflix series Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It is difficult though. How do you make an entertaining superhero story if he can’t be harmed? There’s no sense of danger. But I’m glad the action wasn’t at the fore front and the story was allowed to be told.

It’s quite strange really, I felt that the story wasn’t amazing, the acting was good, the villain was interesting and the music choices were suitable but no single thing was amazing. Yet, it was so beautifully put together, everything worked. For some reason, that made it entertaining. It made the whole series great and enjoyable.

The series’ antagonists were very interesting, Netflix has been able to produce some very compelling villians – until Diamond back shows himself. Cottonmouth and the woman Councillor had way more interesting character arcs. But Diamond back was just evil… because. So he was a little jealous of Luke but I just didn’t buy it for the sole reason why he’s crazy. It felt lazy and below the expectations of what I expect from Netflix.

The final act was alittle cheesy and Diamond backs costume looked stupid. Also, is Luke going to sleep with every woman he sees? And are the female characters just going to fall over head over heels for this guy? Come on. Seriously?

Anyway, I mostly liked the series and the music helped a lot. I’m now looking forward to Netflix’s next project – Iron Fist.


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