Overwatch isn’t for me

After playing Overwatch’s open multiplayer weekend I can safely say that it’s not a game for me.

I couldn’t really get into the gameplay because it felt very monotone. There were no ups and downs just a steady pace. It felt very unbalanced – there was one map where I played as Widowmaker and were able to prevent the other team from crossing the bridge. One or two stragglers would get past but then my team would be right there in front of them to take them out. I don’t like the “capture this point” mode. There was only one point to capture and it was always in the center of the map. So if you die, you have to wait a couple of seconds to respawn then you have to waste time to get to the location. I think I prefer Halo 5’s Stronghold game type where you have to hold at least two positions of the three to score. This maps everything constantly move and much more exciting. Also the haptic feedback of firing weapons, or should I say the lack of, is really disappointing. I wish getting a headshot is distinguished from a body shot. Again, it felt monotonous.

There will be people who will enjoy it but I’m not one of them. Sorry.