The love story of House and Wilson

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to watch all 8 seasons of House. This show is amazing and I really, really enjoyed it. It does start to get repetitive but overall it has a high rating in my mind.

The show starts of very strong, I was intrigued almost immediately. The diagnostic differential parts are refreshing, instead of having everyone just sit down and come to a conclusion, House will do something funny like mock his “underlings” or just do something that seems completely random. It’s great to see the drama and character relationships but it does start to get old. After a while, I saw a template: patient comes in, they do a DDX, they try medicine, a new “random” symptom appears, one of the team member will say “it means we don’t know what’s wrong” then we will have more DDXs then something will give House an epiphany. In the later seasons, I think they (producer and writers?) notice this and so they try to switch it up. For example the episode where we are viewing everything from the patient’s eye (he can’t talk or move). But even with these dotted around they always return to the template that’s been working so well for them.

The strongest part of the show is definitely the friendship between House and Wilson. They can hurt each other’s feelings so bad but they will always find it in their hearts to forgive one another… well… it’s usually Wilson forgiving House. The emotional strings the show tugs at in the final season was so heartfelt, I loved the final two episodes. Especially when Wilson is such a great guy.


An issue I have with series is the portrayal or rather, the treatment of women in the series. It doesn’t do a good job on showing them in a good light and some things that are said you just won’t get away with. I think the only saving grace for this issue is that they do have some memorable female characters like Cameron, 13 and Amber.

Amazing. Loved it. Strongest part of the show for me will always be the friendship between House and Wilson. Their banter, pranks and silly bets always make me laugh but it’s the absolutely heart breaking moments that make me love the show. The finale was ok but the penultimate episode is just so good. I recommend people at least watch the first season, you’ll then have seen the other 8 seasons. If you do watch past season 2, then watch it to the end to get the ultimate payoff.


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