Pilotfall 2 isn’t for me

Titanfall 2 open multiplayer weekend was a good opportunity for me to have a second chance at the game after the below average beta. I played on different maps to the beta and I played one of my favourite modes – Attrition.

It was fast and nimble to traverse the map but the lack of verticality is still an issue for me. In the first game, you could be on top of tall buildings and towers and in Titanfall 2, you’re not that far off the ground. There was also this map that felt like there were many paths to take but all paths were like tunnels. So it’s narrow long roads. I did encounter a new type of robot enemy which felt like a mini boss. But it was incredible stupid how long it took my titan to down it.

The single biggest mistake of Titanfall 2 is nerfing the Titans so much they no longer feel like a tank. In Titanfall, Titans were essentially mechs that you wanted to call in because they’ve got armour and amazing abilities. They were incredibly fun. Everytime a Titan is called it was like “oh sh*t! RUN!” but the same feeling is never present in Titanfall 2. I think this is because I know they don’t have rechargeable shields and if I’m in a compromised position, I just do as much damage as I can knowing it’s chipping away at their health. That’s the problem I have with Titanfall 2. Titans are not a feared/respected mech to call in. It’s just another played with more health. It doesn’t help that they have a glaring weak spot and little health and thin armour. I miss the days when they had shields and you could rodeo enemy titans. That is so much more interesting than what they have in Titanfall 2. It might have been ok if Titans basically one hit kills pilots with anything, but they don’t. And the muzzle flash from firing a Titans weapon makes it difficult to see what I’m hitting (although I’m pretty sure my shots are on target).

Another issue I had was that I was a level one pilot playing against other higher level pilots but they had access to more (and often better) weapons than me. I would have to grind my way up to the highest level to eve be on a level playing field. Why should I be disadvantaged because I came late in the game? I don’t really like this. Battlefield has a similar thing but it’s often so chaotic, it doesn’t matter whether you have access to the same weapons or not. In a game like this it does matter.

Titans was a big appeal to me back in Titanfall, as was the wall running (it feels slower than I remember), the changes they’ve made to the titans are so different to what I imagine a Titan should be, that I’m disappointed. So ultimately, I don’t like it. Sorry Respawn, I really miss shields, rodeoing enemy titans and traversing tall structures.