Sicario – a top notch film

Before I had seen this movie, I heard so much praise for it. I thought they were over hyped and couldn’t possibly be that good a movie. But I was wrong. So wrong.

From the first scene I was captured by what was going on. The discovery of the bodies was gruesome and horrifying it sets the tone and expectation for the rest of the movie. We then see Emily Blunt’s character get recruited to join a drugs task force to ‘make a difference’ to the work that she’s been doing. This next bit is possibly one of my favourite bit of cinema. The act of driving into Mexico and then extracting a prisoner out was very tense. And nothing happens in this process, but it’s the threat and possibility that something is about to that made me sit at the very edges of my seat. This is also credit to the high level of acting.


This was a great movie with so many twists. It can be a hard watch due to the violence but with the subject at hand I think the director made the right call. It wasn’t grossly violent, and it wasn’t too fake. It hit the right mark.

I would recommend Sicario to anyone who likes movies. It’s definitely an unmissable title.


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