The Last Stand

Arnie’s first major lead role movie after the end of his Californian Governor job. He did say he’ll be back.

I really like Arnie. He was the dominant action hero in the movies when I was growing up. This movie isn’t great but it also isn’t bad. It’s sort of what I expected from old man Arnie. There were quite a few call backs and fourth wall breaking lines – “[he’s] too old for this shit”. It’s really an 80’s action movie trying to leap into the current times but not quite making it.

I did like The Last Stand, it had a simple plot and it’s an excuse to see Arnie and big explosions again. It does suffer from problems like the portrayal of women isn’t great. We have the “bimbo” completely oblivious to a gun fight that’s about to happen and just stands their when the town police officer is yelling at her to run away. Needless to say she is rescued in the end. The worst instance of this is an FBI agent is a damsel in distress and half way into the movie, she falls head over heels for the bad guy because he can drive a super car really, really fast in a straight line (he basically just need to keep his foot on the pedal). Right at the end of the movie, she gets arrested and is informed by her superior that “Swiss accounts are no longer what they used to be”. Wouldn’t she know this if she’s an FBI agent? She was really, really good looking though – she is in the movie to also be objectified.

If you like 80’s action movies, I feel like you’ll like it and when I say like, I mean it’s alright and you won’t love it.


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