Rogue One: A Star Wars story

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I do enjoy going to the movies and this franchise is such a big event all the time I feel compelled to go.

Star Wars Rogue One is set just after the prequel trilogy and just before the original trilogy. Apparently, some people didn’t even know this and they were expecting the sequel to last year’s Star Wars movie. I think the movie was good. I sat through a lot being bored but enjoyed the spectacles and the characters. I just wasn’t a fan of the story because everyone knew each other pretty instantly and I wasn’t sure I wanted to root for the “good guy” who will backstab his comrade to escape or to stop him from talking (if captured). I had issues with that. I’m not hugely into Star Wars lore but I always thought the war had clear good guys and bad guys. Watching this movie, I’m not so sure. The rebellion were never really that heroic at any point. “They’re building a weapon! Let’s disband and hide!”. If this was what they were fighting against, surely something like this would strengthen their resolve? Were they only fighting because they thought they wouldn’t be hurt? Seems kind of cowardice to me.

I liked Jane Erso but she started to get on my nerves a little with how negative she is throughout the movie. After an hour of sad face, it does start to take it’s toll. But my favourite character has to be Donnie Yen. He’s a great martial artist and he’s actually quite funny in this movie. There’s a bit where they put a bag over his head before taking him and he shouts “are you kidding me? I’m blind!”. I do recognise his fight choreography, the grab one bad guy and use him as a shield from enemy fire is a classic one. But the only issue I take with this is that the blasters should’ve sent the corpse flying.


It is a sad ending because everyone dies but I do not like the point of this movie. They’re explaining the Death Star’s weakness as something intentional and not a plot hole. I didn’t think it’s necessary unless we’re going to learn the WMD in the upcoming movie will have the exact same weakness. I’m pretty sure that even though the creator of the Death Star is a genius once he’s shared his plans with his team, they would be able to identify the glaring weak spot.

Although Rogue One: A Star Wars Story took an unexpected tone for me, I liked it. I would recommend it because the story is kinda self contained in that you don’t need prior (or future) knowledge to enjoy this movie. I have a feeling fans would’ve picked up more easter eggs and have enjoyed it a lot more.


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