The fifth wave – and hopely the only wave

This movie was so bad and predictable I can’t believe I watched it to the end. It has Chloë Grace Moretz as the main protagonist and it started as a dark, interesting story. The beginning of the movie starts off with our hero carrying a gun and entering an abandoned petrol station. She hears a sound and investigates to find an injured man with his hand in his inside pocket. We get a sense that something has happened and that not everyone can be trusted by her maintaining aim at the man throughout their conversation. The conversation obviously gets heated and as the man takes his hand out of the jacket, there’s a reflection of something metallic leading her to shoot him thinking it’s a weapon. Only to realise that it was his necklace that reflected the light and that he had no weapon under his clothing. It then jumps back to a time when everything was normal, we see normal highschool people do whatever they do. And it just down spirals. Hard.

We learn that having received no training or warning. This normal highschooler is got to the beginning scene rather quickly and it takes away from the beginning scene. She’s learned not to trust soldiers not normal people. She’s not fired a gun at all so I find the first scene hard to believe now.

In fact, can a highschooler jump from a regular person to someone who can handle a gun with the click of a finger just like that? Handling a hand gun is different to a machine gun. But then she doesn’t really shoot anything and has to be continually rescued.

From the moment they had these lenses which tells our movie characters that this is what “the others” look like, I immediately questioned this and thought how do we know this is true and you’re not distorting this. Turns out, I was right. The whole revelation was too stupid. The characters weren’t likeable and acting was poor.

It was bad, how can two people wearing uniforms different to a sea of people not be picked out by the bad guys easily? And then to just wander out of line into a door on the side in clear view of everyone? Nobody thought to question that? There’s too many scenes that aren’t convincing.

This is definitely a movie I’d avoid.


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