Midnight special

Midnight Special is a very cool movie – I liked it. I came into this movie not know much at all so the start was a mystery to me. The opening sequence made me think some sort of bank heist is about to happen until a child is revealed. I enjoyed the fact that there multiple parties with their own agendas and it was a race before time runs out.

There aren’t many movies with a touching father and son theme, at least I’ve not seen many. This definitely made me appreciate this one more because of this. There’s not many action sequences and that’s ok.

As the story unfolds it was getting clear that the child is not from this world. I thought he’s the Apocalypse from the X-men comics at one point because he destroyed a satellite! But that isn’t who he is. The ending is a little baffling and is open to interpretation meaning I’ll need to watch this again to understand it better.

I’d recommend this movie to people who are into drama.


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