Pandemic is a camera point of view zombie movie which was hard to watch as the violence was often too graphic (heads beaten until they splat open). The movie is often claustrophobic so it was scary. But there are things that I thought was outright stupid though. For example, how can you impersonate a famous doctor and work in a research lab without being found out? Are they doing nothing in the labs?

I’m unclear on the movie timelines. For example how long this pandemic state has gone on for and how long our “hero” spend at the camp.

The movie distinguishes this zombie “pandemic” into 5 stages. First stage people still retain their thought although they get cold like symptoms. Stage two these symptoms worsen and stage three there is a state of confusion. Stage four is hibernation. Stage five is full on crazy. Throughout the movie, it looked like to me there were more stage three zombies than 5. Which felt odd because there were many sane people around and it felt like it was a GTA film adaption.

I didn’t enjoy this movie, it was far too violent and I couldn’t really make sense of the world. Our heroes motivations were difficult to get behind too because ultimately, they were selfish.

It’s hard to recommend this movie unless story isn’t important and you like watching senseless killing.


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