Logan – the way Wolverine movies should be

Logan, the final movie with Hugh Jackman as the adamantium tortured mutant is brilliant. Being a fan of the X-Men and Wolverine this is a very good portrayal and great wrap up to Wolverine’s story.

Logan is very different to most of the recent Marvel big screen efforts, it’s very violent, full of curse words and should be seen by a mature audience. The opening act immediately distinguishes it from any of the other films immediately. The first word of the movie is “fuck” and followed by dismembering a group of thieves. I do not know how this movie is rated a 15. I was under the impression that an R rating means 18 over here in the UK. I guess I was wrong. In my cinema viewing, I saw someone take their child – I think he was around 10 years old maybe and after the first scene, I wondered what the parent was thinking.

The brutality of the violence made sense in Logan. He’s facing mercenaries trying to recapture a subject for the new weapon X program – X23. So to tie it all in a bow, the violence reflects the time when Logan was Weapon X himself. It also made the movie thrilling and the action was awesome. The full dismemberment of the bad guys was sometimes shocking and hard to watch – it felt like I was watching slasher movie.

One absolute brilliant story arc I enjoyed was that of the aged Charles Xavier. Patrick Stewart plays an old man with mild Alzheimer’s very, very well. I particularly enjoyed the thought that even Professor X, one of the world’s most powerful telepathic mutants, can lose his ability to control his “gift” when he reaches a very old age. The first time we’re introduced to this concept I thought it was a satellite attack or a new weapon targeting mutants and to my surprise, it was Charles. We see just how dangerous an seizure can be during a scene in the hotel where over 400 people were paralysed. Seeing him apologise on the way out was sad because you can see how heart broken he was.

I liked the strong father-son bond between Charles Xavier and Logan. It’s what keeps Logan living on. It’s as if he’s trying to let “Chuck” live the rest of his natural life and once that’s it, he has that magic bullet to take his own life. You can see just how much pain he is in and how difficult it’s been for him.

The cast in Logan is very solid. Patrick Stewart stood out for me but Hugh Jackman also provided a great performance. I can’t fault either of them. X23 was also great, normally with child/young actors, they tend to be quick stiff when acting. But Dafne Keen wasn’t. In fact I couldn’t tell whether they used a body double for her stuff and her action scenes were amazing.

I enjoyed the movie, I think it’s great. It’s a very good farewell to a character who has been on the big screen for many years and also the actor playing him. I’d recommend most people to see it. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t watch violent movies though.