Project Scorpio tech reveal

I’ve got to be honest. I didn’t expect much from Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Whenever I heard them say 4K 60fps, I thought they were referring to the fake stuff the PS4 Pro does. When they added the word “native” they just had to have just shot themselves in the foot. How can a console produce that when gaming PCs will struggle to do that short of buying a GTX 1080 / X / 1080 TI (which the price range for these cards costs £500 ~ 1,000 card itself) so they had to be lying or twisting words.

But the recent Digital Foundry exclusive tech reveal has reported promising results. They were so quiet about this that I nearly had no idea about this reveal – obviously other outlets kept this quiet so they don’t lose hits. It was by chance that I saw that the reveal was going to happen two days from then. I’m very impressed with what they’ve managed to do with the tech. The way they’ve achieved that 4K 60fps goal is inspiring. It feels like they went above and beyond to get all the parts working together and tackling bottleneck issues head on. The amount of customised parts is ridiculous – at least 60 I believe they’re even saying that each console will be slightly different because the nature of silicon they will have to tailor each one to get the right power consumption versus heat! This all sounds exotic and has so much information to chew for tech guys like me. The Project Scorpio tech reveal has blown me away. I’m not definitely getting one. I will have to see the price first but provided it isn’t ridiculously priced I’ll have one.

The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is the fact that all existing Xbox One games and backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, will take advantage of the extra power. That is awesome considering I have a big Xbox library at the moment. The messaging that Digital Foundry received seems to be very user friendly. They’re under the impression that the player will have more control over the quality of their gaming experience than compared to a PS4 Pro. No doubt games will look great on a Project Scorpio since there’s a 4K option and a down sampling to 1080p option offered. I really don’t do the reveal any justice so please check out Digital Foundry’s original coverage.