Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a fun, comedic and action packed space adventure. I really like this movie and in my eyes, far surpasses it’s predecessor.

Like always, I went on a movie trailer blackout so I wouldn’t see any spoilers or ruin any surprises. I’m glad I do this. I just watch the movie as it rolls instead of wondering where scene Y is.

The beginning of the movie was awesome. Instead of focusing on a generic action scene, we see Baby Groot dancing around with the battle ensuing in the background. In fact, this happens twice in the movie and it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t seeing the action but was watching something comedic. It always did go back into the action sequence afterwards so it’s not like I missed anything out. The banter is really my favourite thing about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – the lines are so funny and the situation they’re in just enhances this.

I feel the characters were stronger in this movie, as in more realised. It was like I knew them much better. The acting was superb in this movie, I liked everyone including the cameos. I did NOT expect The Hoffman’s appearance. I’m quite proud to have spotted a few things though. Like The Watchers (is this a warning that a major event is coming?) with the Stan Lee cameo. Also, the reference to Adam in an after credits scene. I didn’t know what this was during the scene but on the train home, I think it could be Adam Warlock. The person who gathers Earth’s strike team to take down Thanos (secretly he used them as pawns, as a distraction so the Silver Surfer could snatch the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos). There’s a scene with Yondu where he’s in a security room and whistles his arrow to kill people from looking at the security monitors. That’s was an awesome scene and just shows how dangerous and powerful he can be.

The 80’s theme is actually quite strong in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. From the music to references to Pac-Man (giant Pac-Man FTW!) and I loved the remote controlled pilots control room resembled an arcade. That was a lot of fun. But the aesthetics was not of the 80’s and it’s actually very pretty. The last few Marvel movies have been looking very good on the big screen. You have Doctor Strange and now this.

I have to say, there were only two weird things for me. One is that Ego, is a Celestrial making Peter Quill half Celestrial. From my understanding, Celestrial beings are the most powerful race in Marvel, so it was quite weird. The second thing I found weird was how Baby Groot was tortured and bullied. I didn’t like that scene.

This movie is so easy to recommend to anyone. It’s very funny and there was never a dull moment.