Oh no… First look at Inhumans…

Ever since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. involved Inhumans it got me into the Inhumans comics. Sure, It’s now going to be a TV show because Marvel can’t fit another movie into an already cramped schedule but I was hopeful.

But… Are you kidding me?

This is an official photo of the upcoming Inhumans show. From Marvel. What? I’m sorry, it looks terrible. It looks like they have a really, really, really tight budget for the show. I don’t like the look of the characters. The costumes look cheap especially the women costumes. Crystal’s look like she’s a teenager about to go to a party or something, she doesn’t look anything like her suit in the comics. Medusa’s outfit makes her neck disappear and the biggest problem is her clothes doesn’t scream royalty to me. Her face, posture and hands do, but not her dress.

Cosplayers (this isn’t a dig at them, I respect them for putting the time and effort into their costumes) can do a lot better and they don’t get paid to create their costumes.

I’m now worried about Marvel’s Inhumans. The look of it doesn’t inspire confidence in me. They best have a really good story and some amazing performances from the actors. But really, they’re not off to a great start.