Wonder Woman – the light of hope in the DCEU!

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as the iconic DC comics character Diana Prince (AKA Wonder Woman). I have to admit, I know next to nothing about the character in the comics except that she’s a god and she’s in some Superman comics.

Wonder Woman is an entertaining “coming of age” movie. I really liked Diana’s character building throughout the movie. We see Diana as the young, inexperienced niave justice warrior who sees the world in very simple terms and then grow into a woman who understands that maybe not everything is as clear cut. Wonder Woman is a breathe of fresh air from most of the cliché heroes we see on screen today. Most heroes are either dark, broody, gritty characters (think Christian Bale’s Batman) or are the funny, smart mouth (think Iron Man/Star Lord) charismatic protagonist. That’s why I like Marvel movies portrayal of Steve Rogers. He’s modest, selfless and idealistic hero who can’t do nothing when he sees something going south. Wonder Woman is the same. She stands for everyone’s idea of what is right and she actively does something about it. Like Christopher Reeves Superman they’re aspiring figures embodying what’s right. Credit to Patty Jenkins for doing this right.

Gal Gadot is really good as Wonder Woman, although I don’t think she’s a “great” actress, she was able to bring onto screen the emotions required for that scene. To me, she is Wonder Woman. She’s very beautiful yet she doesn’t seem to be holding back in any of the more physical scenes which I felt was convincing. In the fight with a group of soldiers in a room she does get shot in the shin causing her to stagger and having to improvise. I liked that about the fight scenes.

This is a gorgeous movie. The scenic Amazon island looks absolutely beautiful. My favourite scene is of Wonder Woman getting onto “No Man’s Land” in an epic slow motion climb up a ladder and then basically tanking all the machine gun fire. It was awesome to see her march forward and once all the enemies concentrated fire on her even a god could not move any further. Her stance lowers as she moves forward to the point you see her very low to the ground to entrench herself. It was a jaw dropping moment. Had she easily taken the point we wouldn’t have see or feel exactly why it’s called “No Man’s Land”. Sure, we’re told by a single line of dialogue by Trevor (Chris Pine as Steve Trevor) but by the looks of it even a god might not have gotten past – that really sold it.

Other side characters were quite good. The Amazonian warriors were awesome – their physique really sells it and the General (Diana’s aunt) looks so badass. I really hoped we could’ve seen more of her. But Trevor’s friends are not so strong. They are memorable but I feel they might as well not have been there. We had a sniper who is apparently leet at his job but we did not really see him do anything except for scoping people. They didn’t have any character moments like the Amazon warriors. I thought Chris Pine did a good job as Trevor. He was believable and didn’t come across as unlikeable at any point. In fact, I felt empathy for him. He knows Diana sounds crazy and her plan probably won’t work the way she wants it to but he also doesn’t want to break that belief she has. That naivety she carries around.

Wonder Woman isn’t all praises though, I do have issues with the movie but I liked it enough to not be put off by them too much. The villains were very weak characters. They were evil because…. they are bad people. Also, the movie projected one guy to be Ares but I think I speak for everyone that as soon as Diana thinks he is, the audience knew it wasn’t. I couldn’t tell who it was but the most plausible candidate would be the Doctor who is creating a devastating weapon. But nope, they decided to blindside everyone and chose one of the British higher ups. It comes out of nowhere and I don’t think you could see the clues even if you watched it a second time. It’s like guess who the bad guy is – suspect A, B or C? Wrong! It’s suspect E! I’m also not a fan of the final fight. It got so over the top it reminded me of Batman Vs Superman Doomsday fight AND Dragon Ball Z. Seriously, she needed to turn her hair blonde and have spikey hair and go “Kamehameha”! It wasn’t really clear why in the end she was suddenly able to over power Ares by so much. Because she discovered the power of love? How does that make her more powerful? I didn’t buy it.

Seeing BvS first did NOT make me enjoy Wonder Woman more, it’s a great stand alone movie and maybe, I would’ve liked BvS more had I seen Wonder Woman first because whenever Diana comes on I would’ve been like Wonder Woman!!! Gal Gadot is gorgeous in this movie and she’s perfect for the role. I can’t wait for another stand alone Wonder Woman movie. I’d recommend this movie to anyone even if they haven’t seen any of the other (horrible) DC movies.