Evie nerf?! Nooo…

So this morning, I found two interesting videos lined up in my YouTube “recommended” feed. They are both from content creators for Paladin I have been following – Joshino and DefNotHanzo. From their most recent videos (at the time of writing of course) I learned that Paladins will have a new patch soon (OB53) and Evie is receiving some changes.

Here are the official patch notes from HiRez site:


  • Ice Staff
    • Increase projectile speed from 100 to 200
  • Blink
    • No longer grants bonus damage.
    • Fixed a bug where blinking off the map to your death would result in your next blink possibly killing you again.

Whilst I welcome the increase in projectile speed I don’t like the removal of the bonus damage from ‘Blink’. Evie shoots at a very slow rate coupled with low HP makes it extremely dangerous to take people on. It’s strange then that her playstyle is actually up close and personal. It’s the combination of the ability to instantly close the distance of opponents and added bonus damage of Blink that makes her play unique and exciting. This tactic works because of the reward of putting yourself in danger and the damage you can deal is worth the trade off. But now the bonus damage is gone and she has a faster projectile speed, I don’t know why you would want to ‘Blink’ in next to an opponent anymore. You may as well shoot from far away and stay out of the way. She’s become a less effective sniper – minus the damage and accuracy. I don’t like this change and can’t see why it’s a good idea. I really hope HiRez will not go through with this change. It takes away Evie’s unique playstyle and fun.

DefNotHanzo is an amazing Evie player and I’ve been watching his videos to get an idea on how to get better with my own Evie. He is also not a fan of this update. Numerous players on Paladins forums have been vocal about this change. Not many people seem to like it (people who don’t main her seems to like it).