Got my hands on BlazBlue Central Fiction

Yes! I’ve got it! I’ve finally got my hands on BlazBlue Central Fiction! And yes, it is the best version I’ve played.

Part of the reason why it’s taken me so long is because I didn’t want to get a crappy PS4. I noticed the increased input lag when playing Dead or Alive 5 and although it’s subtle, I did feel… weird. So yeah playing on two systems (when input lag is noticeable for me is) definitely not a good mix.

Luckily, I now have a pretty decent gaming machine so I’ve invested in some Steam games. My first purchase is BlazBlue Central Fiction. There’s no other game that I want to play so badly. Only downside is the player base is probably smaller than on console (but then, I don’t know the state of the console player base right now).¬† I really like the new lobbies as you can have everyone fight each other instead of waiting for two people to finish.

Challenge mode has been my go to mode for now and the combos are so much fun – luckily, with a bit of fidgeting, my Razer Atrox Xbox One Fight Stick can be used. It’s also impressive how they made Taokaka feel like an agile character by making her carry her opponent around the screen during her combos. They’ve changed her quite a bit and truggling to override my muscle memory of the previous games. But it feels so good and looks amazing too.

I’ve still got to check out the story mode for the finale. Anyway I’ve been able to get a couple of player matches in and decided to record them in 60 FPS!

Player matches: