Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4

So I’ve just finished watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 here in the U.K. I have to say that the quality has increased. I would like to think it’s that it’s age rating has gone up resulting in some very violent scenes.

The average of this show is definitely better than the previous 3 seasons. It had a very strong start with the Ghost Rider arc – especially opening with a very dark tone. It felt very different right off the bat and in a way, that was refreshing.

It started to dip again when he was gone but when it went into the Agents of Hydra phase, things got really good again. Especially when everyone is in the framework. It seemed to heavily borrow from the “M-Day” or rather “House of M” X-Men story line. Especially the part where people have lived two different lives. It’s a cool concept and I was so happy to spot it. The finale felt very rushed. I think Madam Hydra could’ve had a better motivation to destroying the world than “oh this man doesn’t love me so I’m going to go crazy!” – maybe make her try to be good then just wasn’t accepted so she rather burn everything down? She could’ve been interesting and would be nice for her to continue beyond this season. Also, was Aida dressed this way to represent that Dr Radcliffe did want to create a sex robot then in the middle of doing that decided to put proper A.I. in her?


I feel like Quake/Daisy is quickly losing her purpose on the show. All the stories have Inhumans as the talking topic but I don’t know why she’s there any more. She used to be the hacker on the team but now she’s a field agent. But Melinda May is like a legendary field agent. She is cool and I do think they wasted that season 3 cliff hanger thing with Quake apparently on the other side of the law. They should’ve done something more with that. Also another Inhumans TV show is approaching us so can we expect to see her move to that show? I hope so because Chloe Bennett is so gorgeous! I would like to see more of her.


I like how old favourites turned up in this season. Agent Ward and Agent Trip! It was a fun reunion and interesting play on “what if” scenarios.

Well season 4 ends with Phil in a space prison, it reminds me of the prisons in The Guardians of the Galaxy. But it could be a secret Inhumans moon base and they’re keeping the team up there as guests for helping new Inhumans? Dunno, guess we’ll have to wait until season 5.



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