New gaming PC build!

I’ve always wanted to build my own gaming PC. But I could never quite get the cost of the parts down to my budget mainly because I was choosing the latest graphics cards, etc… With the current technical capabilities the value for money building one is at it’s best.

When I was first looking into building a PC (again) GTX 1080 graphics cards were the high end models costing around £750 depending on brand, model, etc… I took my time to budget and planned my expenditure for every month. I was looking at a £1,700 machine. But then, the new GTX 1080 TI cards were announced and the AMD Ryzen chips were around the corner so I waited to see if this would change the pricing of the items I wanted and also to see whether it’d be worth going with AMD’s new chips.

I’m so glad I waited. Once the TI cards were available (especially the after market ones) the original GTX 1080 cards dropped in price. Even the Z270 motherboard I was looking at dropped in price. I ended up spending about £1500 which is £200 cheaper than originally budgeted with a nice comfortable future proofed card in the box.

I did work out where to buy each component from several places to get the cheapest prices possible. There was one retailer I hadn’t used before so decided to buy low value items from them as a test. They are Novatech. They dispatched my items very quickly and I received their packages first. I think my items arrived within two or three days. I would definitely use them again and maybe next time, I’ll be more comfortable in making an order of a bigger value with them.

eBuyer is the second retailer I bought my parts from. They had a couple of items that turned out to be the cheapest and they had free delivery. I’ve shopped with them on multiple occasions so I was comfortable with ordering with them. They took a couple of days to verify my payment though and subsequently, pushed my delivery of items a few days back. It’s ok though, I had received my items within 5 days of placing my order so I’m not complaining.

The third and final provider was the giant Amazon. They were too good to be true. Most of the high value items were very low in price AND in stock. I have said I wouldn’t use Amazon again previously but the prices were too tempting. The thing is, it was too good to be true. Out of all the providers I used, dealing with Amazon was the worst experience. It took them 2 full weeks to complete my order. I find them quite deceiving because everything was in stock and could be dispatched very quickly. But they have this weird system of making you wait. They send the items, then it goes through a loop for several days. Then gets sent out. It’s so stupid. They even moved my delivery date after sending an email saying it’s on it’s way. If I knew they were going to hold up my build for 2 weeks, I would have went with eBuyer instead. I don’t get it. The biggest company of the three I used provided the worst shopping experience to me.

Anyway, putting the parts together was a lot of fun. I like handling hardware. It took me hours to put everything together. It’s a lot of work but satisfying.

I’ve managed to overclock my Intel 7600k processor from 3.8GHz to 4.5GHz. Pushing it to 4.6GHz wasn’t stable (blue screened during stress tests) and I had to put my voltage to 1.395V. It’s my first time overclocking and it was easier than I imagined it to be. Just wish I could’ve got a processor with more power in it.

One noticeable difference from my old laptop is the time to boot. My old laptop had a slow mechanical drive in it whereas I have installed my OS onto an SSD. My god does it make a difference. It boosts up in seconds and I just love how quick everything feels.

The biggest difference has to be the performance. I can now watch videos @ 60fps and even 4K content! I downloaded some games taking advantage of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere titles – Killer Instinct and Forza Horizon 3. Just as an exercise, I pushed all settings to the max and everything looked great and played great. Excellent.

I downloaded Steam so I can play BlazBlue Central Fiction. This was one of many reasons that pushed me to get a PC – it’s not coming to the Xbox One. Everything just runs amazing. Not everything was smooth sailing though. To get the Xbox One Atrox Fightstick to work was a bit fidgety. Also, Steam support for controllers are weird so I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope the games I play support them.

Playing Paladins on PC is a bit disorienting. I’m so used to playing with my controller. I get dizzy using keyboard and mouse. I turned all settings up to max and the game looks amazing but I just can’t get used to it. So I’m still playing Paladins on my Xbox One.

I love my PC and if I need another in the future, I would definitely build it again because it’s so much fun.


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