Going forward – Xbox One or PC?

I wish I had built my own custom PC so much earlier, I’m loving how many more games I can now play – in the past Steam sale, I picked up 5 games! It’s great! However, I find myself still playing on my Xbox One more at the moment. Moving forward, I wonder if this will change.

My PC is awesome. But there are lots of inconveniences that come with a PC. Getting controllers to work out of the box is one such issue. The player demographic seems to gravitate towards games I do not play on PC. The player base for fighting games seem to be smaller and it is noticeable.

Some people might think, wouldn’t it have been easier/cheaper to buy a PS4? Well, yes and no. I had to buy my PC parts for £1500 and a PlayStation 4 will cost a fraction of that. But then I’d need a fightstick and then pay month subscriptions to PSN to play online. I don’t want to pay two subscriptions each month. So even though a PC costs more short term, I can probably use it for a good number of years before I need to upgrade and reuse my Xbox peripherals. Whereas console cycles are usually shorter and they don’t seem to want to support backwards compatibility. Plus I do not like the PS4 controller at all – it feels crap to play.

Fighting games like Dragon Ball Z Fighters look awesome and it’s pretty much a definite buy for me. It’s also a game that will come to both Steam and the Xbox One. My dilemma becomes do I want the bigger player base and know that my peripherals will just work? Or do I go with the platform capable of producing a much better looking and probably run better version of the game. It also has the bonus of capturing game footage in 1080/60fps. I’m probably going to stick with the Xbox One version for fighting games. There’s a larger player base and it’s almost guaranteed that my fightstick will work on the console.

Single player games like Forza is a no brainer. It’s single player and I want to see the results my PC is capable of producing. It’s all about my playing experience and I don’t have to worry about “finding a match”. So this is quite simply my preferred platform for single player games. It’s also Play Anywhere which is a bonus. I actually want more Play Anywhere titles now that I do have a PC.

I guess the majority of single player titles will be played on my PC and multiplayer titles will be on my Xbox One because of the population that plays the same games as me is higher on the console (it seems to me).