Evie changed again in OB54…

So I’ve had a chance to play Evie in the OB53 patch. I really do miss her bonus damage from Blink. I don’t try to get so close to my opponents because there’s no incentive for me to. She is still fun to play, I just stay further away from the action now. But now, OB54 is now closing in on us with some bold changes to how most champions are played.

I don’t even know when console players will get the OB54 patch. At the moment we’re on the same patch as PC players – OB53, which was a little unexpected to me. Historically, we’ve been a couple of patches behind. Anyway, Evie is now being rebalanced again but this time, I think her gameplay will change more.

This is the official patch notes for Evie:

Profile_Evie Evie

  • Over the Moon Re-Work
    • Deal 20% more damage for 3s after Soar ends.
  • Reprieve
    • Reduce the healing from 600 health per second to 300 health per second.
  • Teleport
    • Reduced value from 25/50/75/100% to 10/20/30/40%

So they’ve added Evie’s bonus damage back into the game but only for Over the Moon legendary card AND only after using Soar. This is interesting, Soar has something like 12 seconds cool down and the old Legendary reduced it to 5 seconds making her skills pretty much available any time she needed it. I think the 5 seconds cooldown is now gone and replaced with the bonus damage. I’m not sure what situation to use this in because if you use Soar to chase down fleeing opponents, that implies they have low health anyway so is the extra damage going to help? I think I would need to experiment with using Soar as an attacking skill rather than a fleeing skill.

I can see why Reprieve has been toned down a bit because everyone is complaining that the squishiest character in game has a way to escape certain death for a few more seconds.

The last one is the most interesting change. At present, I use the Teleport card at levels 2-4. It’s great for getting the drop on someone and going above people for an extra shot. But the values are so low now it seems to make the best use of this card you really need level 3-4. I just hope it doesn’t make Blink useless in the game now.

I just want to try this out for myself before jumping to conclusions as this is a drastic change.