Spider-ling? Spider-boy? Spider-Man!

I’ve just watched Spider-Man at Westfield London and oh my god is it a great return to the big screen for Spidey.

I really liked how this movie focuses on his high school life and how he struggles to balance his teenage life with going around helping people in the neighbour hood. One thing that stood out to me is the range of situations Spider-Man found himself in. They were all “petty” crimes but it’s not like every night you’ll see machine gun wielding baddies in the streets – which is a pretty common depiction in a lot of Super hero movies. It’s really fun, he helps an old lady with directions, stops a bicycle thief and even prevents a man from breaking into his own car! That was hilarious. It just shows how his intentions are good but at the end of the day, he’s still very inexperienced.

His surrounding characters were great. They stood out as their own characters and were funny most of the time. Michelle, in my point of view, is so stalking Peter. I really got the feeling she was into him the second scene she was in. One thing that confused me was that his main love interest was Liz, not MJ. That threw me off a bit but it’s revealed at the end of the movie that Michelle’s friends call her “MJ”! WUT! I literally jumped when she said that.

Michael Keaton is great as the Vulture. He’s not just an evil guy with evil plans. We see how his world get’s flipped upside down because “the people who wrecked the city is getting paid to clean it up”. He turns to stealing alien technology from the government, who snatched his livelihood away from him. This guy saw this as a way to provide for his family. It’s wrong but I felt sympathetic as to why he turned to a life of crime. Imagine my surprise when Peter goes to pick up his date to go to homecoming and the Vulture opens the door – my jaw dropped to the ground. It’s like, what’s he- did he capture- wait- date’s dad…? Uh oh… the situation was funny because of Peter’s face and actions but in the scene after this it definitely changes. As Liz talks about the past few days events, you see how Vulture is connecting the dots and putting together that Peter, is Spider-Man. I just loved how all that played out. The dad talk scene was also expertly delivered.

Although I saw the ship scene in the trailer it was still amazing to see how he tried to keep the ship from tearing apart. The lift scene was great because it really displayed that Spider-Man isn’t going to just appear from nowhere, he has to actually climb to get to places. It’s just awesome.

Tony Stark takes his suit away because Peter endangered the lives of innocent people and Peter pleads to let him keep it because “he’s nothing without that suit”. Iron Man’s response was “if you’re nothing without the suit then you don’t deserve it” – something along those lines. It’s a lesson Tony learnt in Iron Man 3 that even without his suit of armour he is Iron Man. I like how he passed that onto Peter.

My favourite scene in the whole movie is when Peter gets pinned down by parts of a fallen building. His first instinct is to call for help, you can feel his desperation and how frightened he must be – it reminds us that he’s just a kid. He stops and sees his reflection with half his mask on and half of his face. It’s then he starts to realise what Iron Man meant. It’s then that we see him truly decide to be something greater.

I love the action in this movie, it feels very Spider-Man. I know that’s an odd thing to say but his actions were just as I expect how Spider-Man would move. Only small irk is that this Spider-Man’s spider sense didn’t seem to trigger all that often. In Civil War, we see it happen and he dodges something Bucky throws at him. It would be enough if we saw this in a couple of scenes just before he gets ambushed or before the building collapses on him.

Spider-Man Homecoming also has the best end credit scene in a Marvel movie. The second after credits scene was hilarious! It was Captain America’s video about patience and how sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to pay off…. oh my god. That was hilarious. The whole cinema burst out in laughter.

Side note: I saw the first Spider-Man movie the morning after and it hasn’t aged very well.

Spider-Man Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie in my point of view so it’s a really easy recommendation for anyone to go see it.