Changes to Paladins Essence system in OB54

I’ve made my point that Paladins felt it leaned towards Pay to win before and it looks like Hi-Rez Studios have listened to fan feedback and is changing it with the incoming patch – OB 54.

In my previous post I’ve talked about how difficult it is to unlock gameplay affecting cards and that it takes what seems to be an impossibly long time to unlock everything – if you’re lucky enough since it’s random. That’s all about to change. In OB 54, daily login bonuses will now include essences. Days 1 – 3 haven’t changed but players logging in on day 4 will receive 250 essence. Day 5 will earn 500 while day 6 will gain 1,000 essence. In addition to this, the cost of essence to unlock cards have been reduced. What this essentially means is that we are now guaranteed to be able to completely unlock all the cards in the game. It will take a bit of time but compared to before, it should take less time because of the additional daily login rewards. Essence can also be acquired through some of the weekly quests.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and as someone who is struggling to unlock cards, this change means I can unlock cards quicker and that I know eventually, I will be able to get all the cards I want.

To show support, I’ve bought the Realm pack and will probably wait until the new patch drops before I purchase anything else.