Arc System Works – my favourite developer of 2018?

My dream is about to come true. Ever since BlazBlue Calamity Trigger I’ve always wanted to play as one of the legendary Six Heroes – more specifically, Jubei. He’s Ragna’s sensei, Kokonoe’s father and Nine the Phantom’s husband (which, by the way, is also one of the Six Heroes).

At Evo 2017 he had been announced as a DLC character for BlazBlue Central Fiction! Oh my god! The trailer looks so good and Central Fiction plays so good right now I can’t wait for this update. We even see a bit of gameplay and he looks awesome. The only down side is it’s only planned for the crappy Playstation right now. Arc System Works have officially said the status of a PC/Steam version is unconfirmed.

Next up we have a BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle which predictably pits characters from other ArcSys franchise against each other. It looked cool and the combos looks great. But surprisingly it will also feature characters from RWBY!!! I really like the web series so I’m looking forward to seeing them in a fighting game. I think I’m most excited in trying out either Weiss or Yang. I like Weiss’ personality but also like how Yang basically punches stuff and her gauntlets are basically guns too (reminds me of Bullet).

It does not stop there. ArcSys is also making a Dragon Ball game – Dragon Ball FighterZ (I think I got the name wrong last time). The characters in this game look like they’ve been directly plucked out from the anime and straight into this game. I can’t wait to play this one too. They’ve also just announced future Trunks, Kuririn and Piccolo.

Arc System Works is just pushing all the right buttons for me. I just hope that BlazBlue titles either come out on Xbox One or PC/Steam. I love the series but I refuse to get a crappy PlayStation.