Death Note anime

After being so disappointed with the Netflix live action Death Note movie, I decided to watch the first episode of the anime again. I just wanted to see whether the anime has aged well and if I still like it as much as I remembered.

Short answer: yes. It’s so good. I was only supposed to watch the first episode but ended up watching the entire series again. There were episodes I fast forwarded (2 or 3 episodes out of 37) but I think I like it even more. I’m appreciating the intellectual battle more and don’t mind it’s not action packed. It’s probably my age – now that I’m older, I don’t necessarily want to watch something that has action from beginning to end.

We can’t change the fact that the Netflix version was created and is different to the anime. But we can definitely watch and admire the magnificent anime that’s been around for years now. If you haven’t already, go see the anime version.