Injustice in the UK

So a university student gets high on drinks and drugs and ends up stabbing her then boyfriend in the leg. Most people will think she will get a prison sentence for stabbing someone. But no. More needs to be taken into account. She is white, studying medicine at Oxford University and clearly under the influence of drugs therefore the sentence should be more lenient. That’s how the law should be working right? If you’re from a privileged background the law should be on your side ESPECIALLY if you’re white.

Oh my god, what is the Judge thinking? The law should treat everyone as equals yet this Judge thought a prison sentence would ruin this young woman’s future. So it’s ok to throw people who aren’t in such a good position to go to prison and ruin their life? It seems that in reality, it’s one rule for the rich and another for the others. If this was a black person that wasn’t studying at Oxford University, they’d be thrown into prison without a second thought. Sadly, I truly believe what she looked like and her background is what kept her out of it. Britain should be a place where Justice is fair but these kinds of injustice is what highlights what’s truly the thoughts and feelings of these people. I won’t say the Judge is racist, but there’s something wrong for letting someone off because of their “bright future”.

*Goes off and reads a couple more articles*

Alright, so it seems that wasn’t the sole reason for reaching this decision. It seems the Judge is taking into account her behaviour for the past several months and that she is trying to get rid of her addiction problems. This makes me less angry, but still angry. I do believe a custodial sentence is in order. Maybe a suspended one. This just goes against what I believe the justice system should be. It should be one rule for everyone but this person is lucky and seems like she got away with it. With this second chance, I truly hope she will make a difference to the people she meets.