Blade Runner 2049

I think this movie should be called Blade Walker 2049 because this is a story told over 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Despite the long run time, the movie is actually pretty good. I did feel the runtime whereas Spotlight was so captivating that it didn’t feel like a long movie.

So this movie is a sequel and I did watch the first movie and I’m glad that I did. The first one definitely set my expectations as to the genre of the movie. I thought this was going to be more action oriented but it’s more intelligent than that. 2049 does retain most of the look and feel of the original movie, but even though it’s been decades since the original, I like the world in the original better. I think this is down to seeing more of the world in the original and with this one, everything takes place inside a building or outside where normal people don’t go to. The first one showed us what it’s like to eat in the streets, how there’s still traffic even though we have flying cars, etc… There’s only one scene on the street as far as I can remember and it wasn’t even impactful. I do like the original better slightly.


Oh and Ana de Armas is stunning in this movie. I have no idea who she is or that she was in the movie so that was a pleasant surprise. My only issue is that her role is essentially a sex A.I. that she helps spell things out for the audience from her conversations with Ryan Gosling.

This is a slow burn mystery movie that I don’t think is for everyone. If you like to think about your movies abit and action isn’t that important (and you love visuals) I’d recommend this movie to you.