Windows 10 home N 1709 16299.19 Update

So there’s a new Windows 10 update from Microsoft which can be easily downloaded from the settings panel.

If like me, you have Windows 10 Home N edition, do NOT download this update if you still want to do simple things like watch YouTube or use the Xbox App.

I downloaded and installed the update and now I can’t go on YouTube to watch a simple video nor can I go to Steam to watch gameplay before I buy something. What’s more absurd is that the Xbox app no longer lets you watch any footage you capture on your Xbox One. Jesus Christ! I remember having to install a Media Feature Pack for these simple features to work but now those do not work anymore. If you try to install it, an error will pop up and say you can’t install it.

Microsoft really needs to step up their game! If you can see a system has a Media Feature Pack, is it not user friendly and better experience if these are just included in the update? I’m really dreading new Windows 10 updates now because it just basically means I’ll have to keep on going through this unhelpful and frustrating experience. It’s not like I can wait neither, there are security updates!

At the time of writing, I have not found a solution for this so I’m now stuck with a gaming PC that has trouble playing videos on YouTube. This is so frustrating.

Fortunately, I have found a solution. In my search for answers, I finally came to this forum post. As you can see, other users are experiencing the same issues and the user on that forum has posted a blog (in German) with how to find and install the update. I followed the link but it was in German so I changed it to EN-GB to get the English version of the site. You can find the English version of the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N 1709 (16299.19) build here: