Thor: Ragnarok

The Thor movies have always been comedic and the third film is no exception. Actually, it takes that and runs it into the extreme making it my favourite one of the three.

The jokes came flying in early and very often but I never actually grew tired of the comedy. In fact, Thor’s embarrassing acts, the seamless weaving between inside jokes and various gags made me burst out with laughter. These moments are the movies greatest strength. This made the two hour run time fly by.

The characters worked great in this movie, although there are a few exceptions. Several returning characters were killed instantly and one character – Lady Sif was noticeably missing without a story explanation. Hela is a cookie cutter Marvel villain, she’s evil just because. I feel this is a huge waste of talent for Blanchet. It’d been great if Marvel somehow made her more compelling. That’s not to say she was terrible, just ok. I loved the new characters introduced, Valkyrie being the standout for me. She is clearly a warrior with a good heart – she even spars with the Hulk! I’m looking forward to seeing more Valkyrie in future movies.

The buddy Thor and Hulk/Banner duo was a concern of mine going into the movie. Surprisingly they were really funny together and the dynamics between the two characters was so much fun. This just shouldn’t work but somehow it does. And it does do really well.

So Thor is taking the people of Asgard to Earth. This reminds me of the current situation with the Inhumans in the comics. They used to be based on the moon but now they’re living on a river in New York. They struggle to be accepted by humans and Queen Medusa and other high Inhuman figures work to achieve this social acceptance. But Thor is already loved by people so would it be weird for people to suddenly hate Asgardians? People don’t hate immigrants until the media portrays immigration numbers to be a problem so with the sudden arrival of thousands of Asgardians people may soon decide “foreigners” are stealing their jobs or they’re the reason why benefits are being abused. I don’t know. It could work.

I did have a weird cinema experience this time around – I watched the movie in Hong Kong. The movie was in English with traditional Chinese subtitles, some punch lines were already printed on the screen before delivered verbally, which meant the whole cinema was laughing a fraction of a second before me – it’s annoying. It just threw me out of the experience a little bit.

I would definitely recommend Thor Ragnarok to anyone as it’s a really funny movie.