Fate of the Furious

When I saw Fast 5, I was charmed by the Fast & the Furious franchise. I watched all the movies to catch up with the “story” before I watched Fast & the Furious 6. Having said that Fate of the Furious just wasn’t fun.

I take issue with the treatment of characters in this movie. Dom had a very, very weak reason to betray his “family”. Also, how did Elena get captured? I thought she’s supposed to be an agent of some sort? I really didn’t like how they just killed off Elena like this. Back to the “main” side characters, how does the female super hacker need help from a mechanic when it comes to, hacking? Why is the bad guy who tried his best to kill the crew (and succeeded with Han) accepted into the team? This movie just wasn’t very entertaining. The focus of the movie was to make things look good. I did like the banter between The Rock and Jason Statham, they were funny.


I’m not sure I would recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t already a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise as they’ll struggle to keep up with the stupid story.