Justice League

I went into Justice League with low expectations and to be honest, it sort of met them. Justice League is definitely not the worst DC movie to come out in recent years, but it’s also not the best (Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman respectively).

Whilst it’s a long movie, it does have a lot of action and beautifully shot scenes so at least it’s not boring like Batman Vs Superman. Having said that, I do find the story to be a bit problematic. Especially at the beginning where two characters are reintroduced and then a very quick cliché back story for the remaining three. It just jumps from one to the other and there is definitely room for improvement on this front. Also, it’s odd that Batman enlists two members without actually knowing what their powers are. They could be rubbish for all he knows – he even thinks Aquaman’s powers are talking to fish. So… how does that help with your fight? There’s so many story going on that everything ends up being half baked.


The dialogue was problematic for me at places, for example Wonder Woman caught a bad guy with the Lasso of Truth and just tells him it’s power (you can only tell the truth). Come on, can we not be smarter with this? Does she need to tell him that at that time? She could just ask him the questions and he’ll just tell her the truth. In comparison, in Wonder Woman (movie) where they force the truth out of Steve, they tell him what it is because he thought it was weird and asked.

Justice League also suffers from something early Marvel movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series did. They constantly call back to previous movies. Whilst this could enrich the experience for some movie goers, when you do it too many times it gets old.

I didn’t really like Batman in this movie, he was at times the movies comic relief and although he put the team together, he didn’t really help in the final battle. He should’ve built another mech suit. Aquaman was boring and had a weird under baked story of his origin and relation to Atlantis. Cyborg was just a boring person who was a budget Iron Man. Except he didn’t upgrade himself, his story moving suit just does what the story requires. We need a fight with Superman, let’s shoot him. Superman was brought back to life like everyone predicted. Fighting everyone – as predicted. Wonder Woman is looking as stunning as ever and regrettably, didn’t really stand out much more than her BvS debut. She just wasn’t given the time or setting to shine. Ezra Miller’s Flash though was my favourite character by far. He was so funny and weird I just wanted more screen time with him. Although the humour helped the entertainment department, sometimes, it felt a bit forced. There were times when the delivery of the punchline just wasn’t funny.


The story has many flaws in it. The way I see it is, if Steppinwolf is not stopped, Earth will be destroyed. So why are the Amazonian warriors and fighters from Atlantis contempt to let one of their representative to go fight him and his enormous army? The previous battle took all middle earth’s(come on, that scene was a bit Lord of the Ringsy) clans to drive away the bad guy? At a time when there were gods on Earth too! Also, can we just say how much of a dickhead Superman is? He had to wait till everyone was beat up to show off how much stronger he is. Also, Cyborg says he has to be careful when separating the Mothers but he gets ripped from what he’s doing like 3 times? I’m also wondering how he planned to separate the stones without Superman? Anyway, all this is nitpicking and the third act is pretty much the standard Superhero formula of good guys beating up a bunch of faceless CGI bad guys then has a CGI showdown with the big bad.

This is a really long movie and I feel like if you’re not that interested in comics, DC characters or the previous movies, don’t watch this one. If you liked BvS then I think you’d like this movie.