Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force

Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force is one of the first batch of games I purchased on Steam for my new gaming PC. I don’t regret buying it but expected more from this title.

Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force is an example of games that are rare on the Xbox One. It’s an action JRPG with ecchi themes sprinkled all over it. I enjoyed the gameplay, it’s the first time I’ve played a game that combines menu and button combat style and it works.

The characters are fun and likeable but there are times when they feel like anime stereotypes. Like the good looking woman with her big breast almost popping out will lack the common sense of why you shouldn’t undress in front of other people. I would’ve liked to see more costumes and maybe even customisable ones because at the end on my play thorough, I had about four for each character. One of each were DLC content that came with the game. It’s a shame because I was expecting to be able to outfit my characters in some ridiculous attire.

The humour in this game is very anime and sometimes even breaks the fourth wall. This kept me going but during the last third of the game, the humour takes a back seat and a more serious tone comes in. I guess it’s hard to be joking around when the world is about to end right?

About the ecchi content, there’s actually not alot. There are a couple of bath scenes, one of a woman half undressed because she’s hot and some questionable scenes. The games camera during a female win animation pose does lecherously focus on boobs and butts. Having said all that I wish there was more in the story.

There are multiple endings for this game but I’m reluctant to replay the game. The time travel aspect of the game has already made me play through it a second time. So I don’t think this helped the games replayability.

Fairy Fender F Advent Dark Force is a pretty good game. The story is decent and the humour carries it well. The gameplay felt fluid and surprisingly fun. It’s only let down by the limited character costumes, lack of fan service and the actual play through includes a second of time travel (which puts me off a little). I would recommend it to people who like action RPGs and like a little bit of fan service in their game.