Valkyria Chronicles (PC)

Valkyria Chronicles is a turn based strategy RPG by SEGA. I believe it was first on one of the PlayStation console and in 2014 re-launched with all DLC on PC (Steam).

I first learned of Valkyria Chronicles through a Valkyria Revolution review (it’s a pre-quel). It sounded quite interesting and I do love my RPGs, so when it was on Sale I snapped it up quickly.

Valkyria Chronicles is set in a fictional country in a fictional “World War”. It seems to be heavily “inspired” by the real First World War in that the technology isn’t quite there so skirmishes are often long and weapons are inaccurate. I do like how it’s told through a story book perspective and the art style reflects that. It worked really well and is very charming. For an RPG, it’s short – I spent 54 hours on record and I have completed the game (well, I don’t think it accounts for me quitting the game without saving so probably 60 hours). It has opened up a New Game+ for me but I’m not in a rush to play it again mainly due to my backlog of games (I bought two in the Winter sale so… that doesn’t help).


I liked the story, it tries to be serious where it can but it’s very heavy on the “anime” side so it under cuts it a little. But I do like the balance of the two and there were many predictable story plots there were just as many surprises. There were things I didn’t expect in this game and one such thing was racism. This took me by surprise and it was dealt with a very good way. The characters were great and during the harder battles, it was more difficult to send my troops in because I felt attached to them and didn’t want them to die.

I love SEGA RPGs, I grew up playing so many of them and Valkyria Chronicles is a great addition to that library. I would recommend this game to any RPG lover and I believe they will have an amazing time with it.