Black Widow movie just one step closer

So news has come out that Marvel has recruited Jac Schaeffer as a writer for a possible Black Widow movie. It’s not greenlit but I’m glad that there’s been progress on this movie, albeit a tiny step.

I can’t complain really, I like Natasha in the comics and I like the on screen character too. There are people who say they’re not interested in the character so I understand it’s a risk for Marvel Studios to take. But we’re now 14~15(?) movies in and we don’t have a single stand alone movie for a leading female character. Look at Wonder Woman, that movie did great and proves that people are willing to pay money to watch a movie regardless of the protagonist’s gender. We just want to watch a good movie.

So to get bums on seats, they’ve already got the MCU fan boys – like me, looking to buy tickets for this movie, now they only need a good movie for good word of mouth to travel around. Please make this happen!