BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle horrible DLC practice

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle had me on their hype train for the whole ride. I was happy to take in every bit of information they released and thought they could do no wrong. Of course, it was all too good to be true.

After the Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards which happened on 13th January 2018, they showed another trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. At the tail end of the trailer featured some gameplay footage of Blake from RWBY. Another member of Team RWBY announced – awesome. But, Blake is a DLC character available post launch of the game. This means half of team RWBY – Ruby and Weiss are in the base game and the other half of team RWBY – Blake and (presumably) Yang are DLC only! This feels very awkward. Why would you split the team up? That means that the RWBY side of the roster is only 2. I don’t like this. Some cold water has been poured over our hype train. Weiss and Yang are my favourite RWBY characters and now one of them is DLC only, it means I have to buy the game + DLC to play them.

There’s also the issue of the planned DLC lineup is the same size as the initial roster. That is insane. I feel like the base game should have more characters, especially ones that aren’t in BlazBlue so fans of the other games also have more to select from. For example, I only have two RWBY characters to select from.

I’m very disappointed in this news and I don’t like this kind of DLC practice so I’m not going to be supporting this game at the current state. To me, the value I would be getting doesn’t justify the price I would be paying (if they announce Jubei or Nine or Taokaka as DLC I would flip).

ArkSys had everything going for this game until this news. I honestly think they won’t change their DLC plans despite all the negativity. All I can do now to voice my opinion is not buy the game and let them know I don’t like this. Hopefully, their future games will avoid this horrible DLC plan.