BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC Update

Arc Systems Works promised fans that they’ve been listening and that we should stay tuned for more details. Well, they’ve finally broken their silence regarding the whole DLC controversy.

The two remaining RWBY characters, Blake and Yang, are still only available as DLC after the games release, however, they are both free. To be honest, it’s not ideal that half the roster is DLC, but I’m ok with this. To me, this says they don’t have enough time to flesh out these two characters for Evo 2018. I would honestly prefer if they just delayed the game and released with all the content they intend to have in their game. This is the right way to course correct what they initially announced.

I can say this news makes it easier for me to support the game. I’m leaning heavy towards a day one purchase. You can watch the announcements yourself below: