The Cloverfield Paradox

My expectation of Netflix movies are not high after Death Note. But it was very clever marketing on Netflix’s behalf for showing a trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox and then immediately announcing it’s now available to watch. Naturally, I didn’t have much on so I decided to watch it.

I liked some of the mind bending logic like how they shifted into another dimension and THE arm. The movie doesn’t fully explain how any of this works and that is a negative but at the same time very cool.

I really like Zhang Ziyi but her character isn’t very well fleshed out. In fact, I don’t think any of them are. I didn’t really care that the crew were dying one and this made it very boring to watch. The fact that characters just so happen to be killed off conveniently didn’t help. Like, of course as soon as Ziyi’s character goes into a small room water starts pouring in. Of course the doors will crack open and instantly freeze her to death. Of course the metal will act like a arm and pull that guy into the wall and nothing else magnetic will go that way.

Another jarring bit of writing is how a scientific expert says on live TV that the experiment they are conducting can have catastrophic effects. Like allow monsters from another dimension come to our dimension! What?! How does he know what is in an alternate dimension? He specifically says that on live TV and he must realise he sounds crazy right?

Also, I really dislike how the movie is basically portraying the US as the good guys and any other country is impatient and want to go to war and hog the remaining resources on Earth. Come on, I find that completely unbelievable. If anyone, it’d be the US who will throw around their perceived military might around hogging resources (like they do in real life – securing oil spots). This rubbed me in the wrong way slightly.

The Cloverfield Paradox does remind me of Alien but it’s nowhere near as good. This movie is just… ok…ish. I wouldn’t recommend this movie but if you have free time and don’t have anything to watch. Go ahead.