Black Panther

How many movies are we in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now? I’ve lost count and judging by Black Panther, I can’t wait to see more.

I liked the story of Black Panther, the arc about T’Challa learning about what his father had done and ultimately correcting it was emotional. He held his father to such a high standard and didn’t question his methods because in his eyes, he is a hero and did no wrong. Then we learn about what happened years ago and I felt he tried to look away from it at first but then as the story draws to it’s end, he decides to lead Wakanda through a different path. I also loved the sibling dynamic and how his sister is in charge of all the technology in the country. I loved how young she was and how she played pranks on her brother.

The thing that caught me slightly off guard, in a good way, is the humour. It’s not a comedy like Thor Ragnarok but jokes are plenty and they’re often very funny. The cinema I was in just burst into laughter a lot of the time.

Black Panther has a lot of deep themes running through the entire movie, yet it doesn’t decrease the enjoyment of the movie. I thought it enhanced it. Like a scene where Michael B. Jordan calls out that the artefacts in a museum were stolen in the first place and so it didn’t “belong” to the museum. That is so true and I found myself nodding to it. I remember years ago a French auction for a Chinese vase (or something) that was taken from China during the war and China had to buy it back. This is ridiculous. It should’ve been returned and not sold. The women in this movie wasn’t ornaments to the powerful and muscular male actors and you know what? That was absolutely fine and it gave them more time to develop character than to “be pretty”. The general was an absolute delight to watch. She obviously felt T’Challa is a good king and wanted him on the throne but her loyalty is with the throne, not the person. When she finally couldn’t bare to see Wakanda destroy itself in the hands of Killmonger, she finally stood for what she really was loyal to – her country.

I kind of expected Captain America to make a debut however, I’m not bothered that he’s absent. He’s there as a guest so he wouldn’t really have a say in what happens in Wakanda.

Black Panther is a very strong Marvel movie, it’s not in my top 5 but it’s probably in my top 10. I would recommend this movie to anyone.