feel the RAGE!!!

Definition: Rage Quit

People who have dropped their connection on purpose when they’re about to lose or people who have sent rude messages after losing or just sore losers in general.


Sometimes I just laugh at people for rage quitting, seriously, it’s just a moment of shame. Learn from it and become better. What’s there to be angry about?

Anyway, so this is a list of rage quitters I’ve played against – yeah, I’m naming and shaming them.

Xbox One

Paladins (BETA)

I Am Mr Mad
This is a weird one. Our team very convincingly took the match (4 – 0) against this guy/girl’s team (I’m just going to use refer to this person as a ‘he’ now). I was playing as my favourite character Evie which is a super squishy but super quick. In my experience, she’s a hit and run character which does best surprising enemies and not necessarily killing them before running away. So with that in mind, I circle round the map, trying to ambush players from behind them. This is where “I Am Mr Mad” happens to be lurking all the time. I quickly noticed the same few spots he likes to camp and his slow reaction times. He was an easy target. However, what he picked up from this is that I was “cheating” and it wasn’t that he was playing in a very predictable way. So he decides to message me (full transcript of our exchange below image).

I Am Mr Crap(I mean Mad):

reported for what?

I Am Mr Mad:
cheating an being a bel

i’m not sure why you think I cheated, are you sure it was me? I also dont know what a “bel” is.

I Am Mr Mad:
what levels your evie

levels has nothing to do with it but she is my main. why do you say I cheated?

I Am Mr Mad:
what level?

not high – are you going to answer my question? I’m pretty sure I didn’t break any rules.

I Am Mr Mad:
why wont you say? lol


I Am Mr Mad:
exactly, sweating it on your highest… go ranked scrub

you’re not making any sense. not my fault you’re not good.

I Am Mr Mad:
LOL? that’s why I’m ranked and you’re not

that’s why I’m not sending messages complaining to the player about being beaten in combat

I Am Mr Mad:
ROFL kid are you dumb?

no but it seems you might be.

— Blocked —

Sent me a rude message after I lost a match point in a two on one encounter. It was my first match in this game mode and I didn’t even know the map.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (X360 backwards compatible)

Rage quit after I figured out his spamming playstyle.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Dude 1m Faded
Rage quit after I took two rounds and looked to take the third.

I beat him twice already and in the third match, he rage quits.

Didn’t really have a chance but no need to rage quit.

Monster Gamezz
Guess he didn’t like being 2 rounds down…

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend

Quits before I had the chance to finish the match.

Killer Instinct

  • SnakyDinosaur
    – Rage quit because I had a good advantage.
  • FISTMASTER 1000 – Rage quit before losing the match.
  • l 2KC TommAA l – One trick pony rage quit because I had the lead in the match.
  • NATHANIEL 19811 – Rage quit because I had the lead in the match.
  • K I I3 A – Rage quit because I had the lead in the match.
  • itsadeyxboxone – Rage quit because I had the lead in the match.
  • Tower of Green – Rage quit in the middle of my combo.
  • TH Bombon – Rage quit before losing the match.
  • BoxierNickel538 – Rage quit not long into the game.
  • THEGUY090 – Rage quit just before he was about to lose.
  • BOYZ IN ZE HOOD – Rage quit after realising he was about to lose – he even taunt me after winning a round.
  • ThePeteMarvel78 – Rage quit after losing in the first round.
  • Brains4Trains – Rage quit before my win could be registered.
  • AreaDistrictOne – Rage quit during my Ultra
  • Goudgoud – Rage quit because I was in the lead

Xbox 360

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

  • PARTY BOY247 69 – trash talking because he couldn’t deal with my attacks.
  • Geryon86 – rage quit before losing
  • GiAnT BangZz – weak player rage quit before losing
  • fR3sh 3n0uqh – weak player rage quit after losing
  • elzio10 – predictable player rage quit when he lost
  • Steven78877 – sent me obscene messages after I beat him a few times
  • Grusselgrosser – Rage quit after losing
  • Becca Snipes xo – sent me immature messages after getting beaten a handful of times
  • Degenotron – Rage quit after losing a couple of matches
  • Saberwulf132 – Rage quit before i won

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II / Extend

  • YoshiArmageddon – rage quit as he was about to lose
  • xlx Hakofu xlx – rage quit as he was about to lose
  • Kyle Dunamis – sent me a whiny message complaining he lost because of lag
  • SC4NTRAXXREAP3R – sent me a whiny message complaining I beat him by spamming one attack
  • nenemalo9 – rage quit because he lost
  • BIazed Werewolf – (notice thats a capital “i”) rage quit because he lost (I had about 1% hp whilst he had 75% and I still beat him)

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