Paladins – Diamond rank

So Paladins is probably my favourite game right now. No only have I been playing every night, I’ve read forums, watched videos of good players and follow the developer notes. After all of this I have somehow achieved Diamond rank. I wasn’t really aiming for it, but I just prefer the ranked mode instead of […]

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Blade Runner 2049

I think this movie should be called Blade Walker 2049 because this is a story told over 2 hours and 40 minutes. Despite the long run time, the movie is actually pretty good. I did feel the runtime whereas Spotlight was so captivating that it didn’t feel like a long movie. So this movie is […]

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Injustice in the UK

So a university student gets high on drinks and drugs and ends up stabbing her then boyfriend in the leg. Most people will think she will get a prison sentence for stabbing someone. But no. More needs to be taken into account. She is white, studying medicine at Oxford University and clearly under the influence […]

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Death Note anime

After being so disappointed with the Netflix live action Death Note movie, I decided to watch the first episode of the anime again. I just wanted to see whether the anime has aged well and if I still like it as much as I remembered. Short answer: yes. It’s so good. I was only supposed […]

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