New gaming PC build!

I’ve always wanted to build my own gaming PC. But I could never quite get the cost of the parts down to my budget mainly because I was choosing the latest graphics cards, etc… With the current technical capabilities the value for money building one is at it’s best. When I was first looking into […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4

So I’ve just finished watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 here in the U.K. I have to say that the quality has increased. I would like to think it’s that it’s age rating has gone up resulting in some very violent scenes. The average of this show is definitely better than the previous 3 seasons. […]

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Quick fire movie catch up!

So I normally like to write up my thoughts on movies as I watch them but I’ve fallen behind quite a bit. It’s probably better I combine them now that some time has passed since I saw them (I think this is evident by how little I say towards the end). Well, here goes. Spotlight […]

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E3 2017

Now that all the news have come out and I’ve had enough time to digest everything I thought it was a pretty good showing. Xbox One X Perhaps one of the biggest and most anticipated news is the reveal of Project Scorpio, the development code name for the Xbox One X. Going into E3 we […]

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Evie nerf?! Nooo…

So this morning, I found two interesting videos lined up in my YouTube “recommended” feed. They are both from content creators for Paladin I have been following – Joshino and DefNotHanzo. From their most recent videos (at the time of writing of course) I learned that Paladins will have a new patch soon (OB53) and […]

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