Pilotfall 2 isn’t for me

Titanfall 2 open multiplayer weekend was a good opportunity for me to have a second chance at the game after the below average beta. I played on different maps to the beta and I played one of my favourite modes – Attrition. It was fast and nimble to traverse the map but the lack of […]

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Sicario – a top notch film

Before I had seen this movie, I heard so much praise for it. I thought they were over hyped and couldn’t possibly be that good a movie. But I was wrong. So wrong. From the first scene I was captured by what was going on. The discovery of the bodies was gruesome and horrifying it […]

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Overwatch isn’t for me

After playing Overwatch’s open multiplayer weekend I can safely say that it’s not a game for me. I couldn’t really get into the gameplay because it felt very monotone. There were no ups and downs just a steady pace. It felt very unbalanced – there was one map where I played as Widowmaker and were […]

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