I watched Colossal on a flight to Hong Kong last year and it’s actually one of my favourite movies I saw in 2017. Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, who hasn’t been able to find work for some time and has been passing time by drinking. This is a lovely drama about how she picks herself […]

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Valkyria Chronicles (PC)

Valkyria Chronicles is a turn based strategy RPG by SEGA. I believe it was first on one of the PlayStation console and in 2014 re-launched with all DLC on PC (Steam). I first learned of Valkyria Chronicles through a Valkyria Revolution review (it’s a pre-quel). It sounded quite interesting and I do love my RPGs, […]

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Angel, Angel, Angel… Ahhhh

This is one of my favourite Dragon Ball Z ending songs. For it to be used in a trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game just screams “MUST BUY” to me. It indicates that this is truly a game Dragon Ball fans can appreciate. Oh my god the nostalgia is just overwhelming. All the […]

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Soul Calibur 6 announced!

Oh my god! Soul Calibur 6 looks so good! At the game awards, they showed an exciting announcement trailer: Soul Calibur has a special place in my heart because I spent literally hundreds of hours playing it on my Dreamcast. Soul Calibur 6 is to be set at the events of the original Soul Calibur […]

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The Punisher (Netflix)

The Punisher on Netflix continues the story of Frank Castle’s road to revenge. After an impressive portrayal of the character by Jon Bernthal in Daredevil season 2, I was looking forward to this one. Bernthal does not disappoint. I enjoyed Castle’s ability to take out anyone and also the moments when he’s trying to cope […]

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