BBCPE – Final boss battle!

Having played a lot of single player content in BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend I’m hooked to gaining the different achievements for the game. My latest achievement for BlazBlue (as of writing) is a pain in the ass to pull off! It’s the “Easy there big fellow” achievement. In this achievement, you have to beat the […]

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And it Burns, Burns, Burns…

I bought Shadow of Mordor whilst it was on offer in Xbox Gold’s sale. For now, the game feels pretty average and the nemesis system is ok. Many reviews hailed this as an amazing feature but I don’t think it’s that great. I’m only a few hours in (neglected the main mission and done lots […]

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Generation 10

Finally! After exactly 8 months of frantic jet pack parkour running and summoning Titanfalls from the sky, I’ve finally made it to Gen 10 pilot. This is the highest generation you can achieve in Titanfall and it used to serve nothing more than a medal to say you’ve bothered to complete specific tasks in the […]

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