Thoughts on Dead or Alive 5

After playing Dead or Alive 5 solidly for a week, I can honestly say it’s a new and improved sequel! I was first introduced to the franchise was back in the nineties when my friend brought over his PSone and a catalogue of games – Dead or Alive being one of them. From there I […]

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Dead or Alive 5 – Mila & Pai

Finally new characters have been announced for Dead or Alive 5! Mila is an MMA character and her fighting style resembles that of Vanessa and Jean Kujo to me… although I do recognise some of Hitomi and Ein style of attack too. I guess that’s exactly what her style is, Mixed Martial Arts. The other […]

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Five hundred matches later…

Well, thanks to there being a huge pool of players with good connections I was able to play my fifth hundredth match this evening. However, I wasn’t able to play against a strong opponent for my fifth hundredth match… The statistics Main Character: Jean Kujo Battle Points: 1459pts (+597pts) Grade: Barbarian Games: 500 – Wins: […]

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